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The Syllabi is a Digital Book App that houses all the recommended textbooks and books for students where they can be downloaded and readily available for use. The Syllabi will work on multiple devices, across various platforms and will basically function offline, with the need for internet connection arising solely for update purposes and for some premium features to function. Also, they come in four different formats including: pdf (showing text and images), audio, voiced text, and video.

What We Offer

Free Website

Get a dynamic bonus school website with rich and engaging content that fits any screen size. Website features include sections for school biography, News services, Events update, Gallery and much more.

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Get A powerful free hosting in the world best servers to aid the smooth running of your website, 24/7 online and fast, can accomodate about 2000 - 5000 users at the same time.

Free Domain Names

Get a free Domain Name, No chargebacks, No Fees. Totally Free that will best suit you.

24/7 Support Service

Our professional support team expertly transforms concept to code for a fully tested, highly functional online experience, every time. Always at your service.



Users can simulate classroom situations like discuss a particular reading, develop and attend to classwork and appraise assignments. Teachers and/or other staff in their schools can also be part of the simulations. Individual users can create new classrooms as well as join existing ones.


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