About Secondary-School-Portal

This is a Platform that profits head of schools (school owners), principals, teachers and students. This application streamlines school management processes with optimal efficiency ranging from fee payment transactions, students registration, result computing, hostel management, student’s corner and so many other features

What We Offer

Free Website

Get a dynamic bonus school website with rich and engaging content that fits any screen size. Website features include sections for school biography, News services, Events update, Gallery and much more.

Free Hosting

Get A powerful free hosting in the world best servers to aid the smooth running of your website, 24/7 online and fast, can accomodate about 2000 - 5000 users at the same time.

Free Domain Names

Get a free Domain Name, No chargebacks, No Fees. Totally Free that will best suit you.

24/7 Support Service

Our professional support team expertly transforms concept to code for a fully tested, highly functional online experience, every time. Always at your service.


Finance Panel and Fee Payment Interface

The importance of proper finances management is emphasized in the design of this feature. Security and comprehensiveness are key considerations thereof for the sake of issues such as management and tracking of payments, fees assignments. Invoice and receipts generation are simplified.

Grade and Result Manager

This facilitates creation of assessment templates that simplify the processes of computing scores and grades of students, this being real-time computation.

School Metrics

Timely and vital reports on the all-round progress of the school – in various facets and through combination of various elements can be readily generated on the portal and shared if need be, this way keeping everyone necessary informed on the state of affairs at any given point in time.

Student's Corner

This feature focuses on the students, obviously, and provides them the opportunity to be constantly abreast of their academic progress and school activities.

Training and Backend Support

Raadaa Partners International Ltd undertakes provision of periodic training services for the various system administrators and other key parties on the use of the portal service. Extensive and comprehensive back-end support is a follow come package to see to the effective set-up and running of all facets of the service. And also ensure that the primary users and administrators are helped through all issues and factors incident on the engagement with the service.


Secure Fee Payments

Security and comprehensiveness are key considerations in the portal. The secure payments and transactions processing platform is integrated within the portal to ensure the security and integrity of financial transactions made across


Seamless and Effective Class Management

Teachers can manage class schedules and timetables in a way that ensures optimal time efficiency and hands-on progress tracking. School Principals and any other administrative personnel can also get previews of the set schedules, get quick reports and make input where necessary


Progress Tracking

Students’ academics can easily be tracked alongside attendance. Associated issues as absenteeism, punctuality, lateness, etc. are identified as well. The Secondary School Portal enables teachers to efficiently generate periodic (weekly, monthly and termly) status reports based on these and upload to a central repository that is integrated with the portal service.


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