About OER-Platform

The Open Educational Resources Platforms is designed to effectively host educational/scholarly research output in such a manner that can be showcased globally. With the platform having over 20 esteemed clients and still counting, it avails a number of benefits including expanded access to learning; scalability; augmentation of instructional materials; enhancement of regular course content; quick circulation; showcasing of innovation and talent and massive webometrics improvement. These educational materials/scholarly works hosted on the platform includes: journal articles, lecture notes, lecture videos, theses and dissertations, term papers, conference papers, books, and all other resources produced by researchers, lecturers, students and staff of the university.

What We Offer

Free Website

Get a dynamic bonus school website with rich and engaging content that fits any screen size. Website features include sections for school biography, News services, Events update, Gallery and much more.

Free Hosting

Get A powerful free hosting in the world best servers to aid the smooth running of your website, 24/7 online and fast, can accomodate about 2000 - 5000 users at the same time.

Free Domain Names

Get a free Domain Name, No chargebacks, No Fees. Totally Free that will best suit you.

24/7 Support Service

Our professional support team expertly transforms concept to code for a fully tested, highly functional online experience, every time. Always at your service.


Administrative Dashboard

There will be an overview which will highlight the number of resources, users, downloads, views and analytics of the university.

Plagiarism Checker

This is detection software that enables institutions, groups, individual researchers and scholars scan their work for the degree of plagiarized content. It prevents the inconveniences associated with putting out work with plagiarized content, knowingly or inadvertently.

Research Analytics

Measurement as well as access to real time analytic statistics pertaining to research outputs, citation flow, trust flow and reviews.

Research Impact Measurement Software

This multi-application software is a tool that gives comprehensive pictures of the online status of the institution and her works. This is done by measurement of key performance indices including, online presence and impact, mentions, through the instrumentality of the Integrated Crawling Algorithm (IGA) built into the software.

Research and book selling portal

This is online bookstore that hosts books, research papers and other resources which have prices attached to them. Authors can put up materials for sale while those in need of the available materials can easily make purchases, pay through the platform and have the resource(s) downloaded on the go.

OER Website design

Raadaa will design and deploy a dynamic, optimally responsive and comprehensive open education resources website for the University.


Webometrics improvement of institutions

Effective use of the platform will translate to massive Institution promotion and exposure, improvement in individual webometrics indicators as well as overall webometrics ranking for the University.


Expanded access to learning

Students, researchers, etc., anywhere in the world can access OERs at any time, and they can access the materials repeatedly.


Augmentation of class materials

OERs can supplement textbooks and lectures especially where deficiencies in information are evident.


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